What Our Customers Say About Treeworks

“In 2019 I had back-to-back emergency spinal surgeries after breaking my neck. I am primarily grateful for my life, but continue to struggle with Arthritis and chronic pain, and am always searching for products that increase my joy and comfort. After chatting with Dan, a team-member from Treeworks who seemed genuinely interested in helping me find relief, I decided to try the Daily Drops. Initially skeptical that they would work for me, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Daily Drops helped significantly to take the edge off of my pain, and reduced the anxiety that tends to join it. When I use the Daily Drops, I am able to go to work, laugh, and engage during my down time; which can be difficult on severe pain days. I am so grateful to have been turned on to the Treeworks tinctures, and cannot wait to try any and all new products they release!”

– Sophia, F, 25

“Just had to write to your company to tell you how PLEASED and CONTENT I am with your Dream Drops. I have been struggling with insomnia ever since I was in a serious car accident 20 years ago and FINALLY…a potion that not only works like magic but also tastes great. Someone was really listening it seems because most of the cannabis oils I have tried had a horrible taste. I am definitely going to continue to buy this product from your company. Thank you so very much for the quality of and magic of Dream Drops.”

– Desiree, F, 55

“This product is legit the best. I take 1/2 dose if I’m having trouble sleeping and it has really improved the quality of my sleep—no more Insta-scrolling at 2 am. Thank you for making these!”

– Christina, F, 44