What Our Customers Say About Treeworks

“In 2019 I had back-to-back emergency spinal surgeries after breaking my neck. I am primarily grateful for my life, but continue to struggle with Arthritis and chronic pain, and am always searching for products that increase my joy and comfort. After chatting with Dan, a team-member from Treeworks who seemed genuinely interested in helping me find relief, I decided to try the Daily Drops. Initially skeptical that they would work for me, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Daily Drops helped significantly to take the edge off of my pain, and reduced the anxiety that tends to join it. When I use the Daily Drops, I am able to go to work, laugh, and engage during my down time; which can be difficult on severe pain days. I am so grateful to have been turned on to the Treeworks tinctures, and cannot wait to try any and all new products they release!”

– Sophia, F, 25