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Real Fruit. Award-Winning Taste.


When we launched our gummies line, we knew it would be important to distinguish ours from the rest of the pack. Hummies are award-winning edibles because they're:

  • Made with solventless hash rosin, the cleanest cannabis on the market.

  • Made with our signature attention to detail; organic ingredients, real fruit, gluten-free and vegan.

  • Infused with medicinal herbs and supplements for additional benefits.

If you want an edible that delivers on taste and effect, you've just found it.

Focus Citrus


A Citradelic Explosion of Flavor

Energizing ginseng and brain-boosting lion's mane combine for a treat perfectly suited for the hard worker, explorer, or daytime enjoyer.

Anytime Punch


A Burst of Fruit Punch

Exotic fruits are wonderfully paired with our hybrid blend of solventless hash rosin as we produce an irresistible anytime edible. Whether you need a tasty treat to start your day, get through that midday lull or end the night on a high note, Anytime Punch has you covered.

Bedtime Berry


Berry Good Sleep

Bedtime Berry Hummies are infused with solventless hash rosin, as well as melatonin and valerian to aide in the fight for better night's sleep. An undeniably relaxing and calming experience.

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Serene Dreams


Serene Dreams

A truly exquisite bean to bar dark chocolate, coupled with wild organic blueberries. The calming CBN cannabinoid completes the deep relaxing effects of this artisan confection.

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Summit Ascent


Summit Ascent

Crunchy quinoa, delicious milk chocolate and motivational matcha delight the taste buds while invigorating your senses, paired with 100 mg of CBG to spark a steady high in this sativa terpene blended bar.

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