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For the purist in each of us. With 1 part CBD, 1 part THC and no flavors added, Purist Drops are an ideal product for those looking for a well balanced cannabis experience. Purist Drops offer euphoric, enjoyable, and delightfully relaxing effects. Drop on your tongue, add to any food/beverage, or even use topically for relief or pleasure.

Purist Drops

  • Suggested MSRP

    50mL - $80.00

  • Ingredients

    • Organic Coconut MCT Oil

    • Cannabis RSO

    • CBD

    • Treeworks Hybrid Terpene Blend

  • Properties

    • Cannabis Flavor

    • Simple Ingredients

    • Complete Relief 

    • Use Topically

    • Full Spectrum/Full Cannabinoid 

    • Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, Sugar Free

  • Why Treeworks?

    • Locally Owned

    • Quality Ingredients

    • Delicious Flavors

    • Health-Concious

    • Sustainable Packaging

    • Entourage Effects

    • Full Spectrum/Full Cannabinoid

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