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This highly anticipated THC-V and CBG performance-boosting tincture has finally come to life. With natural caffeine from organic yerba mate green tea, and infused guarana for sustained endurance, this energizing fruity delight can take you from low motivation to complete productivity in a matter of minutes. Take control of your life with Treeworks’ first complete energy and performance-enhancing tincture.

Rocket Drops

  • Suggested MSRP

    50mL - $70.00

  • Properties

    • Strawberry Mango Flavor

    • Energy Boosting

    • Enhanced Power & Endurance

    • Full Spectrum/Full Cannabinoid

  • Why Treeworks?

    • Locally Owned

    • Quality Ingredients

    • Delicious Flavors

    • Health-Concious

    • Sustainable Packaging

    • Entourage Effects

    • Full Spectrum/Full Cannabinoid

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