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Solventless Live Rosin

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Live Rosin

You did it. You've finally found the cleanest, tastiest, most high-quality cannabis product on the market.


Here's how we make it...

The Live Rosin Two-Step.

A process so pure and simple, we do it in just two steps.

Our Buds Take A Bath.

We begin with the delicate process of collecting the trichomes without breaking or damaging them, using nothing but iced water.


What's So Special About

No Solvents

Rosin is one of the only cannabis extracts made without harsh chemicals, such as butane or ethanol. No traces of chemicals, ever.

A More Medicinal Experience

Due to the harsh extraction methods of other brands, you tend to lose the most beneficial properties of cannabis in the final product. Our process delicately preserves those essential medicinal compounds so that they remain in our final products, allowing you to experience the real Entourage Effect.

Unmatched Flavor

The gentle nature of our extraction method allows the terpenes and flavonoids to carry over into the final product. These clean and powerful flavors are only made possible from the Live Rosin process.


Live Rosin is extracted while the plant is still green, fresh and alive. This allows our consumers to ingest a product that is still wholesomely fresh, alive and containing maximum flavors and health benefits. 

What's Your


A simple, sleek and tasty 100% heavy metal free 510 vape cartridge to add onto your favorite battery. (low temps recommended for best flavor)


Experience true luxury and ease while using the same heavy metal free cartridge added to our specifically temperature tuned (for best flavor) - all in one cart and battery pack.



Our flagship cold cured Live Rosin concentrate exploding with delicious terps and aromatic cannabis flavors. 


Our special-edition Live Rosin Dab processed with the same clean and pure method only using slightly different temperatures allowing for a softer smoother and often even more terp heavy dabable concentrate. 

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