Their Friendship Roots Date Back Over 2 Decades


Each of the 3 Founding owners Milo Childs Campolo, Mackae Freeland, and Tim Kane have been longtime friends from western MA, dating back to the late 90’s. They all three share a common idea that life is short and they must live it to the fullest. Working hard is a must but playing harder is a necessity. In their free time they enjoy mountain biking, hiking, skiing, whitewater rafting, and of course ping pong.

The idea of Treeworks was born in the beautiful Wasatch mountains of Utah while the guys were out skiing some powder in the backcountry. They had been living out west adventuring around the big mountains after graduating college. Once the idea was born and the opportunity became feasible the boys quickly moved back home to western MA after MA recreational cannabis was officially legalized in 2017.

After approximately 3 years of hard work and timeless dedication they finally got their license to produce cannabis infused products. The Treeworks founders fully understand the need and value for safe, healthy, and high quality cannabis products. Their mission is to produce exactly that. This plant has the ability to do many wonders when used and extracted properly. Each of the founders have had remarkable success using cannabis throughout their lives. Anxiety relief, sleep aid, creativity, pain relief, you name it. These only scratch the surface of the numerous benefits the cannabis plant has to offer. The three of them wanted to bring their passion, products, and techniques to the MA dispensaries so others can share the same benefits from cannabis as they have experienced.

They are now happy and excited to share their creative, delicious, and healthy products within the MA community. Treeworks is committed to staying at the forefront of research and product development in this ever growing and evolving industry. Their products are produced with the highest quality ingredients and equipment available on the market. Lastly they are proud to create a fun and diverse work environment while keeping health, reliability, and sustainability at their core.