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Three Massachusetts Locals With A Vision For Premium Cannabis Products




Treeworks was founded by three Massachusetts residents and longtime friends MacKae Freeland, Milo Childs Campolo, and Timothy Kane. Their companionship began two decades ago with their connection to the wilderness, sharing whitewater rafting trips, mountain biking expeditions, and backcountry ski tours around the country. After college, and all living together in the Rocky Mountains, it was clear that they shared three common interests: adventure, cannabis, and a desire to help others. When Massachusetts legalized cannabis in 2017, the trio decided it was time to focus their intellectual energy, creative ideas, and adventurous spirits on developing something truly important; something that could make a difference in the world. By 2018, Treeworks was founded in the small town of West Hatfield, MA. Ambitious and eager to launch their new idea, they developed a plan, conceptualized creative products, and Treeworks began to come alive. Their passion and understanding of the medicinal compounds within cannabis, how they work in the human body, and how to properly extract them, made their mission clear; to create effects-based products that help with specific needs such as sleep, focus, anxiety, debilitating conditions, and overall relief. Their own healthy and happy lifestyles aided them in holding a specific standard of creating high-quality, health conscious and delicious cannabis products. Treeworks has since become a nationally-recognized brand with a commitment to education, community and sustainability, while also remaining at the forefront of research and development in the evolving cannabis industry. In the first 15 months of business, Treeworks was awarded first place in multiple categories for the High Times Cannabis Cup, proving that all-natural cannabis products can deliver on taste and effect. As the brand continues to grow, Treeworks remains committed to helping their community live healthier and happier lives.

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